As the preferred medical cannabis clinic in Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri, patients of all walks of life visit Medical Cannabis Outreach for helpful information, resources, and advice about how to consume medical marijuana and CBD oil. For many patients who are new to the Compassionate Use Of Medical Marijuana Program, the concept of inhaling smoke as a natural treatment alternative is off-putting, which is completely understandable to our in-house medical marijuana doctors, physicians, and clinicians. The good news is that there are many different ways to use medical cannabis and CBD oil, which we will outline in this blog post!


One of the most commonly used methods of consuming medical marijuana is to do so in the form of vapor, which is easier on the lungs than inhaling medical cannabis through a pipe, water pipe, or joint. Rather than grinding up the medicinal hemp and lighting it, vaporizers (also known as “hash pens, ” “dab pens,” or “vape pens”) are intuitive, portable, and have a minimal scent, making them easy for patients who are always on the go. Vaporizer pens are also fairly inexpensive, rechargeable, and can be used over and over again — all you have to do is insert the oil into the atomizer (the middle chamber), twist it shut, hold the button down, and inhale the vapor. CBD vape pens are also available at most medical marijuana dispensaries in the area.


Edibles are a preferred method of many medical cannabis patients, as they are pre-dosed and come in a wide range of forms and flavors. Whether you buy gummies, suckers, drinks, cookies, chocolate bars, or any other kind of edible, one thing remains the same: they contain either THC or CBD oil and explain exactly how much on the packaging. Edibles are a great route for medical cannabis patients who prefer to use the medical marijuana treatment without inhaling any smoke or vapor, but be sure to note that they take longer to kick in — anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours, to be exact, with effects lasting for up to 12 hours. For this reason, it is not recommended to consume a THC edible and drive before you feel any effect, or even after you start to feel the effects wear off. CBD edibles, on the other hand, can be consumed at any time with no psychoactive effects, meaning that you can go about your day as normal without “getting high.”

Oil (Tinctures Or Capsules)

Another way to consume medical cannabis without smoking or vaporizing is to simply ingest the oil, which can take the form of THC or CBD tinctures (oil-extract dropper bottles) or gel capsules. This is perhaps the most common way to consume CBD oil, as many patients prefer to place a drop under their tongue or in their favorite beverage. For medical marijuana users, the concept is similar, as THC oil can be infused into drinks, edibles, or consumed on its own for a less-tasty experience, which is why many medical marijuana dispensaries offer cannabis capsules with active THC oil. Like most other edibles, patients can consume these THC pills in clear, consistent doses with no lingering smell. However, the duration of effect is somewhat longer with these THC oils than it is with smoking and vaping (but shorter than other THC edibles), so be sure not to drive if you have consumed THC oil within the last several hours.

Topicals (Lotions & Salves)

THC and CBD topicals are unique in that they do not get you “high” — rather, they provide localized relief without any psychoactive effect. These medical cannabis products are great for natural pain relief from sore muscles, cramps, injuries, and more when used regularly, which is why they are favored by so many athletes, veterans, and patients with severe medical conditions that cause them a great deal of physical pain. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties in medical cannabis, these topical salves, lotions, and even transdermal patches are effective for many patients with chronic physical pain.

Apply For A Medical Card In Illinois, Colorado, Or Missouri

In our experience, the biggest hesitation prospective patients have about medical cannabis is that they don’t want to inhale smoke, especially if they have respiratory issues. We are fortunate to live in a time where the hemp industry is making massive strides and regularly developing new cannabis products that cater to different wants, needs, and lifestyles. If you are interested in applying for a medical marijuana card in Illinois Colorado, or Missouri, visit Medical Cannabis Outreach today for a medical evaluation and to use our free medical card application process!