I am writing this positive review to let everyone know the nightmare I just went through and how medical cannabis outreach saved the day. I was one of the 3500 patients that was due to recertify in October of 2018. I was a patient of a dr who lost his license. And The dph is not moving too fast and I thought it was best to find a dr that I could guide me and build a relationship with sooner rather than later. So in march I had my appt at mco. They are kind and knowledgeable. They have everything conveniently located in one building. This was when they still were having to do background checks. So they processed everything for me. It was so easy. Because of my disease my hands do not work too well and I get very confused at times so this was extremely helpful.

Fast forward 90 plus days. I saw dph announced that we couldn’t apply again until we got a letter. I hadn’t heard anything back from the state. I messaged mco and they said give dph a call and let them know. I called dph total of 4 times and they kept saying we need to speak to supervisor. Finally the 4th time a nurse got on the phone and said “we got your payment still but misplaced or destroyed your paperwork.” I was in tears. The dph never bothered to contact me. The lady promised me that they would honor my app and I would be processed first thing IF I send in paperwork again that they destroyed. Ugh. I hung up a stressful mess, crying and upset. The state destroyed my app and all my paperwork!

I then called medical cannabis outreach and they told me that all originals were sent to the state. They said you need to do the paperwork again. I started crying because I cant drive that far. My husband didnt have any time off work to bring me. I was so upset and distraught. But guess what? Mco said dont worry Amy. This office stepped up and came to my house after they got off work in a different city and re did the paperwork that was destroyed by the dph. They saved the day. They saved me so much stress and pain. They didn’t have to do this but they did. This is why I went to mco. They are kind, they are caring, they are helpful beyond the call of duty. I can not tell you how much this means that they helped me through this process. This is why I went here. This is why it’s well worth having a good dr and staff behind you as you navigate this certification and re certification process with the dph. Seriously call the medical cannabis outreach. It’s well worth the time and money to have a great staff and dr behind you and your healthcare. You want mco on your team!

Amy Scott