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Our Reach

To date, Medical Cannabis Outreach Wellness Clinics has provided application processing and access to cannabis-friendly providers who recommend medical cannabis as a treatment for qualified patients to over 40,000 individuals and growing every day.

We look forward to serving you and joining you on your journey to wellness!

Our Story

Our founders, Eric and Caprice Sweatt began in the medical cannabis industry in Colorado in 2007 when Caprice realized the new law in Colorado would allow her to legally use medical cannabis for the first time in her adult life.

Caprice, in 1984, at the age of 17 was diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness, Crohn’s Disease. The prognosis for a normal, healthy, active life was bleak. The prospect of being on pain pills and other medications for the rest of her life was hard to handle at such a young age.

Most of the medications were making Caprice sicker than the Crohn’s Disease and in 1988 she decided to illegally try cannabis; this decision changed her life. She was able to eat without pain! As the use of the prescription pills subsided and was replaced by cannabis, Caprice was symptom-free for the first time in her life.

Cannabis was illegal in all 50 states and no one had heard of ‘Medical Cannabis’ but Caprice kept telling her family and friends that cannabis was her medicine and it was working wonders for her. Some believed her and some wanted to have her arrested, especially some physicians to whom she chose to open up to.

Caprice felt like she was experiencing something that no one could understand or wanted to talk about, it made everyone uncomfortable and the stigma associated with cannabis forced her not to tell her true story. She made a promise to herself that if cannabis ever became legal she would do everything she could to help stop the stigma and judgment, and encourage anyone she could to look at the medical value of cannabis.

Fast forward over 35 years, Caprice has been prescription drug and surgery-free and has lived a healthy, happy life. When she met Eric over 25 years ago and shared her story with him, he vowed to help her and others in any way he could.

Together they founded Medical Cannabis Outreach in 2014, where they traveled around and provided over 350 free seminars about Caprice’s experience as well as others who had come forward to share their stories.

Doctors were still very judgemental about medical cannabis even though it was legal in almost half of the states by this time, so the Sweatts set out to find non-judgemental, cannabis-friendly providers that cared why cannabis was working for people and they wanted to look at medical cannabis as a viable treatment.

We found it was essential to provide sick people with access to these open-minded providers that did not want to be part of the opioid crisis sweeping our nation.

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