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Partners and Connections


News Articles

Rauner’s New Medical Marijuana Law Aimed to Fight Nation’s Opioid Addiction

Publication | KFVS
Date Published | 8/29/2018

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CEO Makes Illinois Home to Guide Care, Pain Relief Medical Cannabis Provides

Publication | The Telegraph
Date Published | 10/7/2018

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Medical Marijuana Certification Clinic Opening in Chesterfield Offering Free Educational Seminars!

Publication | St. Louis Post Dispatch
Date Published | 4/7/2019

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Illinois Taking Steps to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Publication | KFVS
Date Published | 5/6/2019

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The Fight for Medical Marijuana Doesn’t End With Legalization

Publication | Wikileaf
Date Published | 5/16/2019

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Here Are Springfield Doctors Willing to Do Marijuana Certifications

Publication | Springfield News-Leader
Date Published | 6/1/2019

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