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Different Ways to Use Marijuana

With the popularity of weed on the rise, more and more people are trying the substance for the first time. Stores and outlets are opening all over the country enticing those who have never tried it before to see what all the hype is about. Because so many of those unfamiliar with the drug are suddenly finding interest in it, there exists a significant knowledge gap between the average person’s perception of weed use and its current role in consumer society. People have been using it for more than a century, and during that time countless different uses and methods of consumption have been developed and discovered around this peculiar leafy organism. 2020 has brought with it all types of innovations for consuming weed in countless different ways. When people think of using it, more often than not their first thought is of a large cloud of white smoke billowing from the mouth and nostrils of some long-haired skinny kid wearing a tie-dye t-shirt. While this particular stereotype has been effectively propagated through all levels of popular culture, it is a far cry from the present reality of weed users. With the beneficial effects of the intoxicant becoming more and more well-known, more people are interested in experiencing how marijuana can improve their well-being. Here are some of the many ways in which people can experience the health benefits of weed.


One of the most common means of getting the active ingredients contented within pot into one’s system is via smoke inhalation. When a weed plant is set afire, its active ingredients are transported within the smoke generated from its burning and can be absorbed into a person’s bloodstream through their lungs, just like how alcohol gets absorbed into one’s bloodstream through the stomach lining. How people have achieved this end has manifested in several ways, with the two most common means of delivery—a pot cigarette, or “joint,” and a weed-smoking device called a bong—often portrayed and satirized in popular culture. As the years have rolled by and the stigma surrounding these smoking methods has subsided, consuming weed via a cigarette or bong has become a much more common practice. Joints work the same way as regular cigarettes: the drug is burned at one end and the smoke is inhaled through its paper casing, and then exhaled after a small amount of time. A bong works in a somewhat different fashion: it uses water as a mediator for the pot smoke so that instead of inhaling the smoke directly, one can lessen the harshness and hotness of the smoke by filtering it through water and releasing it in bubbles. While bongs attempt to lessen the unpleasantness that some experience when inhaling smoke in lungs that may not be used to such foreign substances, people often find both smoking joints and bongs to be far too harsh for them, and the pain of the smoking experience negates any relaxing effects from the weed’s active ingredients.  


Using a method similar to that at work in bongs and cigarettes, weed vaporizers work by heating the plant to temperatures far higher than those reached using a standard lighter. Weed vaporizers generally work by keeping the plant in a small, enclosed compartment and blowing superheated air through the compartment. During this process, the active ingredients from the weed are turned into a much finer smoke—sometimes referred to as vapor—and are inhaled by the user. Because the weed smoke produced by vaporizers is significantly less dense than weed smoke produced by lower-temperature forms of heating, people often find vaporizers much easier methods with which to get pot into their system. Such systems are advisable for those with sensitive lungs, or those who regularly use weed, as it is important to give one’s lungs a chance to recover after being filled with a foreign substance. Vaporizers are often utilized by medical marijuana pain management doctors from Champaign.


As weed has spread in popularity, more and more people have been experimenting with different ways to get its active ingredients into their system. Through these endeavors, people have been able to isolate the two potent active ingredients in pot—THC, and CBD—and use them for other ways of ingestion. One of the most popular alternatives means for weed consumption is through the use of edibles. Edibles are foods that have the active ingredients of pot-infused in them, using a variety of means. For example, a common practice with marijuana is to separate the THC from the rest of the plant—which takes the form of small, sand-like crystals—and use it as an ingredient in butter and oil. These materials are then used for cooking particular marijuana-infused dishes. The kinds of food that people make using weed-infused ingredients are endless; from the classic marijuana brownies to other creative ways of ingesting the drug’s active ingredients, like lemon tarts or gummy candy. New types of weed-infused foods and snacks are developed every day, so be sure to consult a cannabis doctor in Champaign to learn about what edible options could be right for you.


Like THC, CBD is often extracted from a weed plant and used on its own for its beneficial effects on people. CBD is not psychoactive like THC, meaning that its users won’t experience an alteration of their attitude or consciousness; it instead provides people with an overall body high, that is purported to alleviate many frustrating symptoms and conditions. One of the most common applications of CBD is for controlling the seizures one experiences when they have epilepsy. CBD, like THC, can be used to treat anxiety, pain, and other common conditions. The next time you consult a pot doctor in Champaign, be sure to ask about all the beneficial aspects of CBD and CBD products. There is a wide range of treatments based around CBD, and more likely than not whatever you’re suffering from can be helped with CBD.